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“The Compassion Convoy is about self compassion, using a gentle approach to help staff feel valued and put together a toolkit to help them at work and in their personal lives” Tammy Raines, Founder Compassion Convoy

The Compassion Convoy aims to build understanding around compassion and share information and resources about how to be compassionate to yourself and others. Tammy Raines founded the project and is working with Recovery Enterprises to develop a blended digital and real life approach by producing a video, working with Sheffield Flourish and delivering workshops.  

The project captures the essence of the Compassion Conference, held in 2015 by Sheffield Health and Social Care (SHSC) as a response to the issues highlighted by the Francis Inquiry February 2013National and local experts like Professor Paul Gilbert (author of Mindful Compassion and founder of the Compassionate Mind Foundation), Professor Brendan Stone and Catherine Carlick shared their ideas and insights at the event.

Tammy, who uses SHSC services, was inspired by the day but recognised that there were many people who deliver services across SHSC not in the room who would benefit from learning more about self-compassion. This, in turn, would benefit the people who receive their services. With this in mind Tammy came up with the idea of a Compassion Convoy, a way to spread the word on compassion and self compassion across SHSC and beyond.


For further information

Read Tammy’s story on Sheffield Flourish, read the Compassion Convoy Briefing Note from September 2016, and watch Tammy’s latest video. You can find regular updates about the project on the Compassion Convoy Facebook page.


Getting in touch

Contact Compassion Convoy Enterprise Lead Tammy Raines by email: or follow on Twitter @TammyJane13