In the Winter Garden with Time to Change

Posted on 17th July 2014 | Share this!

We teamed up with the national campaign ‘Time to Change’, Hudson & General (artisan crate maker), CAST (Creative Art Support Team) and Oasis Gardening to put on an event in the Winter Garden. Promoting positive mental health discussion, linked to skills and the benefits of enterprise, stalls and activities were designed to‘get people talking’.

Andrew of Hudson & General, who is also a Time To Change Champion, was keen to create a local event. He took on the challenge of planning his own unique take on a mental health event, and it proved to be a huge success. There were instances where people were opening up about their mental health condition for the first time, which were supported and given advice on their next step for help.

Interactive activities designed by CAST were a real hit, including creative writing and drawing games. An intriguing ‘chest of drawers’ encouraged people to put post their thoughts on their hopes, fears, delights, longings and insights. The ‘Cactus of Resilience’, a paper mache ‘cactus’ was covered with resilience tips by the end of the day. Many people shared their enterprising ideas with us, we were thrilled to hear so many stories about the positive things people are doing to benefit their wellbeing.

‘Time To Change’ had their pledge board for people to share their thoughts. ‘Time to Change’ volunteer Champion’s used their open approach to get everyone talking. The ‘Time To Change’ Regional Coordinator, Angela Slater, commented “that it was fantastic for Time to change to work with such inspiring local organisations to raise awareness around mental health and challenge mental health stigma. There were many really important conversations with members of the public and I hope we can work together again soon to continue the good work”.