Daft Craft Raft Race

Posted on 17th July 2014 | Share this!

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We were delighted to be the named charity in the Sheffield ‘Daft Craft Raft Race’, held in July in Endcliffe Park. The event, entices Sheffield residents and local artists to make their own ‘Daft Rafts’to sail along the River Porter. Entries this year included rafts such as ‘Blobby Buddah’- a Mr Blobby inspired vessel or ‘The Guitar Ship’, made by painter Stuart Faulkner. Meanwhile ‘The Craft Craft’- was a real hit, made from a spell of crafty ideas by singer songwriter, Nat Johnson. It even secured kind sponsorship from Gerties Tea’s . Live music and people dressed as pirates, mermaids and even an octopus made the event a real spectacle for all. The rafts were judged on the day by world-renowned Sheffield creatives Pete McKee and Nick Bax. The raft winning the race, was amusingly named ‘Gulp’.


Huge thanks go to everyone involved in the day, with particular reference to a treasure box of helpers from Yorkshire Artspace and to leader of the Daft Craft Race ‘ship’, local artist, Anthony Bennett .A huge ‘ahoy’ to the University of Sheffield ‘Festival of the Mind’ who sponsored the event and a ‘shiver me timbers’ to Humanstudio and Tramlines Festival for their support and sponsorship too.


Thank you to everyone who came to watch, made a donation, or sailed a vessel. Please help the fabulous organisers to reach their fundraising target (which supports us!) by going to: