Tim Blundell Jones, Oasis Lead

Tim - Oasis Gardening 2

‘RE is about giving people practical ways to recover. RE wants to help people find activities that build purpose and occupation where mental health issues may have knocked confidence. Before working with RE I developed understanding of mental health issues through family members and through being married to a Clinical Psychologist. Five years ago I had the opportunity to create gardens for children with mental health issues and saw it benefit their well-being. I believe everyone can find some relief and healing through working with the soil, being in a natural habitat and in (re)creating beautiful places for people and wildlife.’

Tim has been working with Recovery Enterprises for two and a half years, running the Oasis gardening project and the contract gardening service. He studied Landscape Architecture and has run his own landscape gardening business for over 10 years.  Tim currently does some tutoring work in Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University.

In his spare time Tim runs a children’s group at his church, he loves to listen to vinyl records, cook and cycle.

Email: Oasis@recoveryenterprises.co.uk

Tel: 07926097027