Chrissie Hinde, CAST Lead

2016-01-12 15.04.35

“ I love the chance to work alongside people with lived experience of mental health issues in shaping and delivering arts opportunities, albeit on a small, local scale.  I thrive on the companionship and camaraderie of fellow artists, poets and musicians for whom the arts are a passion, a joy and a life line.  Joining Recovery Enterprises has enabled CAST to become part of a bigger vision with greater scope to grow.”

Chrissie was one of the founding members of Creative Arts Support Team (CAST)  and now volunteers with Recovery enterprises (RE) in coordinating the activities of CAST. She supports the dynamic team of CAST volunteers and oversees the publicity and fundraising for CAST.

Chrissie’s commitment to mental health is rooted in her Dad’s struggles with mental illness and consequent suicide.  Her life has been greatly enriched by working as Occupational Therapist in mental health for 25 years and more recently as a self-employed Gestalt Psychotherapist.  She is also a trustee and fundraiser for a small UK charity supporting children orphaned by Aids in Kenya called Friends of Double Joy (FODJ). RE and FODJ are working with folks who are overcoming extreme challenges and it’s great to think that this work can be lifesaving, enhancing and enabling and enriching.

Chrissie’s own personal, self-imposed Occupational therapy is gardening, yoga, dancing, walks in beautiful places, art and being an active member of her Quaker community in Sheffield.


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